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About Us

The US was built on innovation. We want to empower and inspire the next wave of innovators by providing them access to the latest AI enabled IoT hardware and software tools.  Who knows what they might build? Headquartered in San Diego, CA, we are a US based software design and hardware development organization lead by a team with a combined 50+ years of technology leadership experience.

Meet The Leadership Team

Bruce Meagher



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Bruce is a seasoned engineering executive with over 30 years of experience in the wireless device and embedded platform industry. Recognized for his proficiency in delivering complex projects, he has co-authored 5 patents and played a pivotal role in driving innovation.


Bruce has been an integral member of several startups, and had a decade-long tenure at Qualcomm Inc. as Vice President of Technologies in the ASIC division, where he successfully brought several mobile and infrastructure chipsets to the market.



"Software Wizard"

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Ryan is a senior solution architect with over 5 years of experience in IoT embedded device design and implementation.

He leads MotoVisio's software development of our autonomous aerial and underwater vehicles utilizing PX4, ROS2, and OpenCV. He is also a contributor to open source projects such as QGC and PX4.



"Big Brain"

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Gwain was a former executive at Qualcomm, has served as CTO to multiple startups, and brings a vast engineering knowledge base to the company.  He was the technical lead and architect for CDMA and 3GPP user terminal software including design and development for Qualcomm chipsets.  He has co-authored 30 patents.

​His wireless and IoT experience spans multiple decades and includes numerous CPUs, DSPs, OS Platforms, connectivity requirements, Software Design and Deployment, VPN and Security design, and provisioning.

Dave Meagher


"Get It Done Guy"

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Dave has a passion for building and growing technology businesses.   He has over 25 years of software engineering and leadership experience.


He has co-founded and exited two enterprise software companies.  He has spent his career leading organizations in the development of award-winning software products. 


Dave is co-author of two patents within the software space.  

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