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AI on target at the Edge

The MotoVisio MVue is a complete plug and play solution for building AI enabled robotics and IoT solutions. Built with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, it provides high end performance in a small form factor.  

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Autonomous Drone

Autonomous Aerial Vehicles

Industrial Robots

Industrial and


Autonomous Underwater Vehicles 


Autonomous Transportation Robots  

Why Choose MotoVisio?

Reduce Time to Market

Why start from scratch?  Bring your robotics and IoT solutions to life faster with our MVue platform. Leverage our out of the box software stack integrated with cameras and essential I/O to reduce time to market. Spend your time focused on your vertical expertise.

Lower Development Costs

Unless you're buying 100,000+ units, most chip manufacturers tend to provide less than ideal support. Instead of burning engineering resources to startup the basics, leverage our platform to reduce development cost.  

Strengthen your Team

We have over 35+ years of experience with embedded systems design on Qualcomm chips.   Partner with our US based engineering organization to quickly transfer our knowledge to your team. 

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